Good news on Dungee's weight

I was watching the videos about the women’s teams, and Chelsea said she has lost 20 pounds and is going to lose 10 more. She looks noticeably thinner and her teammates say she is back to the way she was as a sophomore.

I’m looking forward to seeing them play this year. Sounds like they will be fun to watch.


they were the most fun to watch last year, they wee really good but got to carry the underdog aura. They were bonded and cared for each other. I got to watch them up close and almost personal at Vanderbilt and came away really impressed with them and how Neighbors and his really good staff all fit together. Them and women’s soccer are the most fun to watch and root for.

Good to hear, I mentioned during the past season that it appeared that she had added weight and she wasn’t playing as fluid as she had previously when she was one of the top players in the SEC.
Look forward to seeing her get back to that level this year.

If Chelsea is back to the level of her Soph play, there’s a great chance that she and Destiny Slocum will be the best tandem in the SEC this season. I would love to see them give South Carolina a run for their money. A very tall order.

That is great news. With that she has an excellent chance to be Second Team All-America this season.

That is indeed a very tall order. But second in the SEC behind the Poultry would be a very good season.

I try to make it a practice to not talk about a woman’s weight.
That being said, I see her at Walmart and she’s in much, much better shape than I am.
I look forward to this year!

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