Good News in Softball

We’re waiting on the winner of the Stanford-South Dakota St. game.

Not only are they coming out of the loser’s bracket (they’ve both played two games today), but they’re now in extra innings.

Nothing like a little extra physical/emotional fatigue! :+1:

I hope it goes 32 Innings, but I don’t think it will matter. We’re the class of this field and The Cardinal and the Jill Rabbits are merely playing for the privilege of having their butts kicked tomorrow.

Cardinal won it in 10.

Piggies versus the Trees tomorrow.

When Stanford stopped being the Indians, one of the options they seriously considered (pushed by the student newspaper IIRC) was the Thunderchickens. Their Rose Bowl team in the Jim Plunkett era had a defensive line known as the Thunderchickens, and the student paper wanted that adopted for all Stanford teams, (Yes, that was the Thunderchickens that stopped Bill Burnett on the goal line in WMS.)

So ever since then, my alternative name for Stanford has been the Thunderchickens. So, 3 p.m. Sunday, Hogs vs, Thunderchickens.

I thought they stopped Bill Montgomery on the option. Or maybe BM pitched to BB on the option play. I was there that night, but my.memory is a little fuzzy. 50 years and 8 months is a.long time.

Burnett was our goal line guy. He scored 20 TDs in 1969 and 49 for his career; the 20 TDs was a school record and was tied by Alex Collins, and I think 49 TDs is still the school mark. IIRC, Clay’s dad wrote in The Razorbacks that Burnett made his patented side step move to avoid somebody, possibly Jeff Siemon, and two Thunderchickens hit him at once to keep him out of the end zone.

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