Good news here

Moses Moody won’t OV to Florida this weekend. There’s no plans to reschedule

Love it Senor RD! Woo!

Starting to like our chances. It’s been stated by a few OSU beat writers on twitter that they are full for 2020 (supposedly) and then with the situation Kansas is in…

Muss started way behind. If he and the staff are able to pull this off then it would be extremely impressive.

No doubt that things are changing. I have been pessimistic about pulling this one off, but I am coming around.

Is that why Kyrie Walker cancelled his OV to Arkansas?

Nothing to do with it.

McBride info on visit??

Yes, that will be more than impressive. I have been told that Moody stopped thinking about Arkansas when coaching change occurred. This will be like a rally in the last 10 minutes, 20 points behind and win it.

He’s not talking. But from everything I gather it went well. He watched practice and was able to learn about the program inside and out. I think you’ll hear something fairly soon. How soon? Can’t tell you.

Early signing period is Nov. 13-20. Would think he’ll have a decision before then.

No offense PJ but we have a much better chance with these recruits now than before.

Okay. No offense taken.

Ok thx RD.