Good news, Bad news

GREAT that Tennessee was eliminated from the CWS field, BUT not-so-good that Ole Miss, A&M and (possibly) Auburn are all in. Just like us, none of them has ever won the whole thing but with that many SEC West teams odds are good that ONE of us will this time.

Just like I’ve felt all season about the Vols, it will really steam me if these teams…who we have clearly been better than over the last 10-15 years (with the possible exception of Ole Miss, and I’d call that a draw), I don’t want any of them to get to the promised land before DVH and company.

And of all the teams in this field we could have faced to start out, Stanford my be the most difficult with that LHP stud they have that shut us down earlier this season.

I’m not conceding anything, but we’ve got our work cut out for us.

Matthews threw 66 pitches today in relief. With only 4 days rest I doubt very seriously he will start. Williams their Ace has really been struggling I’m sure he will get to start right-hander throws hard with an excellent change up

Beat Stanford, get em out of the way, then it’s a return to the SECW

And could be all the way to the finals, cause AM is cruising
That half bracket looks like the old Big XII

Just like college football, the SECW dominates in college baseball.

Yep. Auburn just punched it’s ticket over OSU

Oh the Irony, Tennessee spoils the SEC CWS party. :sunglasses:

Counting future SEC members, 6 outa 8.

I like our chances, only if we can get past Stanford. We won series over Ole Miss and Auburn, and took A&M down to the wire.

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Going to have to beat teams wearing orange to win it all. I’m predicting we beat Auburn to advance to the finals…. where we play the Longhorns.

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Wouldn’t that be awesome? Can you imagine that final?

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Beware Ole Miss. Red Hot and wouldn’t be the first time last team in won it all.