Good news, bad news

The good news-my ESPN app worked today!

The bad news-I had to watch one of the ugliest games ever played

Although it is a crucial part of winning teams to be able to struggle offensively yet “win ugly”.


Very ugly, but an ugly win is better than a beautiful loss.

If we can force opponents into an ugly game and win big, that is fine with me. One of the issues with playing intense defense on one end is sometimes ugly shooting at the other end. As Nolan said, a raggedy ride is better than a smooth walk or something to that effect.


Horrid pace but good space. Watching a slow dull game on a feed that buffers every 8 seconds was torture. Glad for the win!

Good defense, but wasn’t clicking on offense. I bet they work on it before next game. Anybody can beat anybody, I’m just glad for the win

Absolutely. This is how you don’t lose to a less talented team when your best shooter can’t throw it in the ocean. We probably will never see Joe miss 8 3s and 2 lay-ups in another game this season. And, we still win by 18 because of our smothering D. Defense! Defense!

It’s just nice to watch solid defense. There will be nights when it seems like there’s a lid on the basket and shots aren’t falling.
In the past we’ve all watched our hogs get beat when we gave up layups and wide open 3’s and missed out free throws. That’s not the case so far this season. Maybe that can hold form.
To this point I’m shouted at the improved free throw shooting by the hogs!

If he continues to shoot from 5 feet behind the already new deep line, he’ll miss a bunch.

Mason Jones and Jimmy Whitt took up some slack for Joe’s poor shooting game. Joe is going to need to develop his offensive game like Mason. Mason can take it to the hoop and score when he might not be shooting well. Joe needs to learn some of Mason’s offensive game. It is pretty stout this year.

Both Arkansas and Montana were very well coached teams. I was impressed by how disciplined and hard both teams played. The Hogs are going to have to play that way to win against good teams. We have a really short bench and only 3 real scorers in Jones, Joe and Whitt.

I wouldn’t call yesterday an “ugly” game. I would call it a game where we didn’t shoot well, but played beautiful defense. Tony Bennett, at VA has shown us you can win a National Championship with GREAT defense and minimum error offense. He also showed you can beat teams with 5 McDonald’s all Americans on the floor.

Muss has us pointed in that direction with how hard, and well, we are playing defense. We’ve still got work to do on our “minimum error” offense and our rebounding. I believe we will score more than VA when Muss has 3-4 good shooters on the team as well as some real height. If we can do that and maintain great defense, we will move back into the national rankings.

I believe there are great basketball times ahead for the Razorbacks in the next few years. Love the defense!

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“Pace” does not necessarily mean fast. But, it does mean consistent and controlled.

Next year, controlling the tempo will be even more important when Vanover is on the floor.

We, as fans, need to get accustomed to the Hogs playing more deliberately.

You are right, it is going to take me some time to get used to a grinding pace. Eventually I will get used to it if we win with it.

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We should be better on free throws this year than last year. We are playing mostly guards and hardly any bigs. Guards generally shoot well all these years. We don’t have to worry about everyone wanting to throw the ball into Gafford and him going to the line.

Kind of like Macon-Barford years when even our big Kingsley shot well.