Good news at Colorado

I’m pleased to hear that Mike Markuson is going with Coach Prime to Colorado. Not sure of the role. Mike has been OL coach at Jackson State.


I was wondering if he was going to Colorado with Deion. I saw a picture of Deion on the sidelines at a Jackson State game with Mike right behind him. Good for Mike. I’m rooting for them.

Mark smith was lb coach at Colorado. Guess he got let go by prime. He seems to be a nice guy and pretty good recruiter.

Markuson to Colorado. Shibest to UNLV. Let’s get HDN out in the coaching world again and the Murray State Mafia will be out of coaching unemployment.

HDN is coaching the Army All American game

I think Houston is Ok with his life now.

I didn’t know that. Interesting.

Where is he living these days?

Houston lives in McKinney, Texas. Kids are scattered around Dallas area. Houston III works for Tony Bua. One daughter is police woman. Another is personal trainer.

Houston moved to New Mexico for a little while after he was let go by Ole Miss. Living in Dallas makes for relatively easy trips back and forth to New York for his CBS work.

He’s a Great OL coach! Prime is getting a Great staff so far

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I always felt he should have taken the GaTech job. I think it would have made for a much easier transition back to arkansas…whenever that would have occurred.

Came to Arkansas in Dec 77 fresh out of service. Moved into an apartment on Grove Circle. Watched kids playing Hoops in the driveway couple doors down. Had no clue who they were. May have played a pick up game or two there. Nice kids but a little bit nutty😎

Wasn’t Markuson fired by CBB when he was at Wisconsin?

Now, West Jackson State

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