Good luck in Kentucky monk

Question for you: Of course if Monk becomes a huge NBA star, they UK fans will “claim him” and talk about him being a UK player. But lets say he has a good, nothing spectacular, but good NBA career. Do you think the UK fans will even remember his name in 10 years? I think not. Just my opinion.

It’s like I stated in paragraph 3 of my previous post, if the team fails to hang a NCAA title banner in Rupp Arena then they aren’t talked about much, it’s simply, let’s get on to the next class to see if they can.

You have to understand, they don’t really celebrate SEC championships the same way that other schools and fan bases would if we win because they go into every season fully expecting to win the conference because more times than not they do.

Like any fan base, if for instance Monk goes on to be a great NBA star then some will point out that he went to UK just as they do with Wall, Cousins, etc.
The bigger point is this, how good of a coach is Callipari when he has consistently brought in the top recruiting class year after year and only won 1 National Championship in what 7 or 8 years now? I personally think that he is an complete and total “Smart Ass” that has been totally overrated as a coach.
He probably cost his team a real opportunity to win that game against UNC by not calling a time out as soon as Monk hit that 3 to tie the game and if you think back to his championship game with Memphis against Kansas a similar situation ended up with the same result due to his lack of in game decision making costing those kids a real opportunity to win a championship.
Basically, because of the program he is at he is able to attract 5 star recruits to sign and play for a “3 Star Coach”.

Honestly, I’m much more disappointed in Marcus’ lack of loyalty to his alma mater than with Malik wanting to play for a legit contender. It’s not even the decision, but more the comments made by a supposed Hog legend.