Good interview with Danyelle

About getting out of broadcasting and what she’s done to replace it.


Muss is a great recruiter. He is even a greater recruiter with Danyelle. Muss+Danyelle+NIL is an unbeatable combo.


Aloha Jeff,
Another great find. Mahalo.
Did get a good chuckle over “Arizona” Razorbacks.
UA…Campus of Champions

Yeah I noticed that too. But the bad cutline doesn’t detract from what is some nice pub for the program.

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Found this link on the page with the Danyelle interview: Best helmets in college football. There’s one there with a swine on the side. Some of the others, meh.

I predict she will back on TV sooner rather than later. She is very good at what she does. Muss definitely out-kicked his coverage.

She would be spectacular with a role on Hogs+

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Great article! I cannot imagine having to raise a 3-year-old, working and only seeing your husband two days a week I can see why she had to make a move. Strange thing is I do not remember her on Fox sports.
There are many many stories where there had to be a "leap"of faith for things to happen. She is a very special lady and is a very big part of this program behind the scenes probably way bigger than most realize.
We are very fortunate to have her and her family to help Muss be successful.
Thanks for sharing

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