Good honest read

Of other SEC coaches Opinions on the job CBB has done. Anonymous of course.

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I agree with most of the points made here. I do believe he has under delivered in his promises, been wildly inconsistent, not been able to establish his style of game, and hasn’t been a contender for the SEC yet. It’s time to do it. By year 5 you should be able to put the product on the field with no excuses of the outcome. This is the tell all season for me, either he can or can’t compete in the SEC. I’m hoping for a good season to show he can, but we will see. Im a firm believer if you can’t do it in 5, you probably can’t do it. This is one of the more athletic teams I’ve seen in razorback red. We have a good veteran qb, this team should be able to win. Next year we will be breaking in a new qb, and that will be the reason for a 6-7 win prediction… again. It’s time to out kick out coverage this year. Let’s hope it starts tonight!!

I disagree with the five year plan at Arkansas in this case. Bill McCartney at Colorado went 4 years before he made it to a bowl and 7 years before he won more than 7 games. Frank Beamer was at Virginia Tech for 7 years before he won more than 6.

I think the CBB plan is paying off and we will begin seeing that this year but it may be a couple of more seasons before he has a break out year and wins big in the eyes of our fans.

That’s not a measured response to a question. That’s a coach that doesn’t like Coach B venting anonymously with a fair amount of vitriol.

I read almost the exact same statement sometime early summer or in the spring.

I knew as soon as I saw “honest read” that it would be a rip job. I feel like it’s time to have a breakout year. But, other than promising we wouldn’t crash and burn in the 2nd half against Va Tech like we did MO, I don’t recall him making many promises.

I seem to recall promises of being competitive in every game, and giving Arkansas something ta never had.

I was buying it until last year. You can’t have a step backward in year four, let alone a sprint back. Last year was one to forget even though the record came out somewhat respectable. The coaching lapses and evident lack of leadership stood out to me, something he has preached since he got here.

I’m a fan of him as a person, he has to make me a fan of him as a coach, and this is the year to do it.

I feel that same that this is a hit job. I think it is classless for SEC Country to allow coaches to air opinions like this but classless people will eat it up.

It’s ironic to me that another coach ran his mouth about our coach running his mouth, while under the safety of anonymity.

Bielema may be brash, but at least he owns what he says.

I don’t appreciate the dig of myself being classless, because you do not know me.

I see someone who can’t read this and come to reality, as those who quickly classify it as jabs.

It’s just opinions, which everyone is entitled to.

It’s also pretty shocking to look outside of this blindly optimistic message board to see others opinions f CBB. They were calling he and Coach O the most over rated coaches in the SEC just yesterday (Finebaum show) . People who aren’t in the state seem to see that he isn’t quite doing what we expect him to do, but so many just write it off and say give him time. That’s the result of complete let down of having a very competitive coach and not wanting the next to fail, as I don’t either, but he’s got to prove to me he’s capable before I defend him.

It is interesting to me that nearly all of the speakers at the NWA TD club have praised Coach B. They seem to think that he will get the job done at Arkansas.

Of course, the latest speaker (Frank Beamer) said the same. He had a terrible record at Virginia Tech … for his first six years. In fact, in his sixth season he was 2-8-1. Then his teams went on a 23 year streak of being in bowl games.

No offense, but what do you expect them to say at the Northwest Arkansas Touchdown Club?

When has any speaker said anything that could be considered negative toward the current head coach at one of these things?

I hope like crazy you aren’t a lawyer, pretty horrible attempt to make a point.

Off to a fine start here pal. Trolling and ripping a moderator in your first seven posts. Can’t wait to see how far down you go from here.

Wait a second. I don’t know Bigcat from Adam, but he posted an article and questioned someone’s argument. If that is “trolling and ripping” then this place needs a few safe spaces.

Bigcat’s point remains. Using NWA TD club speakers to argue that CBB is going to get it done is quite silly. I heard Danny Sheridan (former NWA TD speaker) on Finebaum this week. He says CBB will be lucky to win 7 games this year.

Two can play that game.

Well, it was a joke in fun, that I would expect on myself if I made a horrible point. I felt it was the equivalent of citing Wikipedia in a dissertation.

I’m not as sensitive as most, though.

I don’t understand the word “honest” in this context. Did you really expect an SEC title by now coming out of the mess he inherited? Yes, I understand the program took a step back last year, and there’s not a fan in the state that doesn’t know that. I don’t need some coach who is not willing to go on the record with those comments to take a good, “honest” look at the program. How do we know that any coach actually said that? Because SEC Country says so? And the press has never lied before … I’m certainly not calling this reporter a liar; that’s not for me to decide. I’m just saying, there’s no way to know for sure without the coach(es) going on the record.

As for CBB, he knows what he’s got to do. He knows the natives are restless. Whether it gets done this year or not, who knows. He may never get it done. And he’ll be gone.

It was just a post with a little different look than the normal at things.

I guess one of the mods should take it down, didn’t mean to cause a fuss. Difference in opinion isn’t always a good thing I guess. I don’t like the anonymous aspect myself, but as I mentioned in the first I did agree with most of it.

Hopefully no hard feelings.

Difference of opinion, in my book, is always welcome. Just don’t like anonymous sources talking about our coach. It’s kind of like my family growing up. My brothers and I fought like cats and dogs, but once somebody on the outside started anything with either one of them, we all took up for each other. No hard feelings.

Can’t argue with that.

But we are ignorant if we don’t think all coaches take part in this, we are also on an anonymous board. I don’t think anything horrible was said , just opinions of the job he’s done.

If a man is too chicken in an article to show his name or face I don’t want him in my foxhole.
During Coach B’s tenure we have seen vast improvements. Number one in this players goes to class. Win or loose I’m supporting our coach!
The SEC media what a joke! Just for a minute look at all the polls and junk they put out.
Hogs fan base most miserable where is Ole Miss at looking down the barrel of the hammer from the NCAA!
In a couple of weeks Malzon at Auburn, Jones at Tennessee and Bucky at Florida will consume more of the press for negatives. Along with Simon at Texas A&M
During the down time up to the season kicking off we are just the doormat of the conference to get kick around.
Are any of these reports coming from anyone who attended college on the hill, a fan of our Hogs or lives in Arkansas?

It just a few hours the Hogs kick off and its football season. Be happy

Gus :?: