Good hit by Bonfield to get the tying run in.

But once again, you don’t want to make the third out at third base!

That botched call on Kjerstad’s hit may end up costing us that run. Since when is kicking up chalk a foul ball?

I hear ya!
You could clearly see chalk!

It should not have come to that play. Kjerstad should have scored on the Shaddy single because that was a hit. The first base umpire, Todd Henderson, blew that call.

I thought Shaddy was safe, but their camera angle is so bad that you’d need binoculars to figure it out.

I agree!
But if the angles we saw are all there was, you just couldn’t see enough to overturn the call.

I wonder if they are working with the same amount of cameras as the Arkansas telecasts use? It just seems like our telecasts would have had a better angle or would have zoomed in or something. Maybe not.