Good half

Shot well, didn’t let them go off from deep, staying in touch on the glass. Too many turnovers, but we’re turning them over too. I would have taken a 6-point halftime lead an hour ago, no questions asked.

It is pretty easy to see the key to this game. We have to keep the tempo up. Moo U is just too big and physical for us, so we need to keep the pace up. Arkansas did its job that first half. We can’t play the half court game.

Perry is a big old boy, but he is not much more advanced on the offensive end than Gafford, but he surely could have made us a tournament team.

Second half so far—- not so much. We have been out scored by 13 in 5-6 minutes.

We can’t throw a beachball in the ocean right now.

This is on CMA right here. We should NEVER have Gabe and Adrio in at the same time as the forwards. Neither bring anything offensively and both foul a lot. Chaney is the best option, at least he gives us somewhat of a post presence.