Good game by Chaney against national #1 RJ Barrett

Monteverde led by RJ Barrett beat Findlay Prep and Reggie Chaney 71-53, but Reggie held his own going directly against RJ. 15 points and 7 rebounds. RJ had 22 and 10.

We got a good one folks. We beat Baylor and Oklahoma to get Reggie. A good win. He has NBA body right now. No one is going to push him around without fouling him.

What I liked was that in the second half he adjusted his offensive game to overcome the fact the opposition consistently was playing bigger guys against him(Monteverde was very tall and long). That really bodes well for being able to make a quick adjustment to playing against SEC big men.

His team’s guards were not nearly good enough to keep them in the game( I think the HC’s son who starts was sick). Chaney was the best guy on offense for his bunch. Chaney kept playing hard when some of the big guys for both sides got tired, and was very productive in the second half.

He will play a lot next year, depending on how his defense comes along. The opportunity is going to be there for a forward to do a lot of damage inside with the kind of attention Gafford is going to draw.

Impressed with Chaney too. He will start at the 4 at some point.

Connor Vanover is such an intriguing prospect. He really has a very nice shot and of course he is 7’3.

But man he is so slow and was beat off the dribble many times. Someone might get a steal by the time he is a JR or SR.

Can’t imagine some being that tall and having absolutely no impact on the game defensively. In their first game a 6 ft guard actually abused him on a drive. He has potential on offense and is a total liability on defense.

Chaney’s team got down like 20-2 to start but made it a competitive game…behind Chaney’s non-stop motor. He has some all around skills that I love.