Good for Harris

For all his struggles shooting the ball this year, he did a nice job down the stretch to day running the offense and taking what Ole Miss was giving.

Nice bit of coaching by MA at the end to realize Ole Miss was going to try throw it right back to Tyree going full speed down the court. Harris bird-dogged him and made that center wait, and then Tyree had to cut back to middle of the court to try to get the pass.

He did what he needed to do. He only took one deep shot, but every other shot was near the basket. That’s what he needs to do. If he can perfect a Dusty Hannahs tear drop, he’ll be a very good scorer.

Yeah that was a heck of a shot!! Great win!

We used to call that a scoop shot. It was nice shot and a real nice game for Harris. He is a pretty solid point guard with a lot of speed and quickness. If he can work on his shot so he is just an average shooter…he’ll really help us next year.

heck a move to the basket…
Harris deserves a good ending…