Good first half - 13 point lead

Considering poor shooting by Joe and Mason, it’s really good to see the Hogs with a nice lead at halftime. Love the way this team is playing in your face defense. We are top 10 nationally in 4 categories.

Hope Mason and Joe find their shots for this 2nd half and put these guys away.

Nice piece on Joe and how he practices his shot at halftime.

He’s still cold.

Whole team was cold and we still win by 18.

Held the 3rd opponent in a row under 50 pts. Even though we didn’t shoot well & was a little sloppy at times.

Defensive average all the way up to 44 points per game. Unacceptable :wink:

Gives Muss something to teach before next game

Yep, and did not look crisp.

Cylla has a great body; seems wasted in the way he’s playing way away from the paint.

That is the way he played at Florida Atlantic. I had mentioned that when he decided to transfer to us, The assistant coach at that time at Atlantic is my buddy’s son. And he had told me that Cylla does not like a whole lot of physical contact. He views himself as small forward. I was hoping he would change his game under Muss. And he still may.

Or 21, as the question of the final score continues to rage. Awaiting clarification on the UA website. In all the years I’ve been watching/covering sports, I’ve never seen this kind of discrepancy.