Good end of year presser for DVH

If you haven’t watched in on YouTube, then you should do so. DVH was much more open about some situations that took place during the season. It was refreshing to hear.

To hear him talk about the sophomore troubles both Casey and Heston went through was enlightening. During the season, it was always “that’s baseball” and “we just didn’t get it done” and “I know he’ll come out of it.” There was lot more detail laid out in the interview.

Several things I’d like to know is how do coaches and players “fix” the problems with not seeing the ball, inability to lay off the high hard one, inability to hit lefty junk pitchers, etc.? How do you cure getting yourself out? Are they put into different situations in BP or scrimmage? I know Casey is a fantastic athlete, so are his fielding problems mental? Do reps cure that? What about Heston’s weird lapses in fielding fly balls and base running errors? Do you watch tape?

Any coaches or insider comments welcomed.

That’s kind of funny, how do you fix it? You practice and drill. You work on seeing spin. And, you work harder at picking up the ball out of the hand so you have more time to decide. And, you teach to wait longer. Sometimes it’s as simple as trying to fix fundamentals, like head movement or a leg kick. It’s timing sometimes. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of seeing more and more pitches. They do drills with spinning balls into the dirt so they see it in practice. They teach a more patient approach and drill it, drill it. If you’ve been in a cage, then you know those drills.

Dominic Fletcher learned it. He was taught over and over. It began to sink in last summer and again in the fall. Sometimes it’s about using a different language until you hit the right button in the mind.

Baseball is about adjustments. And, you saw Casey and Heston both hit streaks when they adjusted to what was being given them. Neither one of them is very patient. Neither was Fletcher. But time in the cage and time against top flight pitching helps. You mature and learn to listen. And, hopefully, coaches figure out what button to push that makes it all click.

The tools they have with video and the new technology with spin helps hitters as much as pitchers. How much of that each hitter can consume and understand is up for debate. Some can use a lot of feedback and grasp it. Some can’t.

It appears that Casey needs to wait later in the pitch to decide. He’s not very patient, but time will cure some of that. That’s why they practice. It seems to me that most hitters hit their stride in their third and fourth year against SEC pitching.

Great reply Clay. We all wish that there was a quick fix. It is about time in the box for hitters and having the game slow down for the fielders.