Good discussion of the offensive adjustments we made at halftime


that was a really good video

Thanks for bringing this to this board.

Dude can do it.

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Loved this line: “No, dude, I’m from the SEC and I’m gonna smack you in the mouth.”


Loved the explanations. Wish we had someone willing and able to do this for us. I know Zimmerman does a bit of this, but not in such detail.

When Pitt gave his brief explanation of the half-time adjustments, I thought that I’d love to see a film study that explained what he was describing.

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Good find

Great job brought back many memories of film watching on Sunday afternoons.

A lot of times big plays are made just because you have great players…

Two times Penn State had people in position to make plays but one time KJ just backhanded that little boy off of him and went about 15 yards and another time Hornsby made two Penn State defenders pay for taking one step inside rather than coming up the field and just flat out beating to the outside… I love the way he kept saying SEC quarterback SEC running back there is a difference… Big Time talent in this conference

The linebackers were new after the two opt outs of the team’s top tacklers. But, those cornerbacks getting tossed around had all played a lot of football. Dominique Johnson planted one of those on a KJ outside run in the first half. It was a vicious block.

Another reason Dominique earned more playing team this year. He is a beast.

He punishes most of those who meet him on the field trying to get him or our QB. He is a bad man on the field.

That’s truly inside football… great witness.

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100% good stuff!

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