Good Day to be a Former AR QB

Ty Storey, WKU (who lost at home to UCA 35-28) - 22/32 passing for 213 yds and 1 TD, plus 77 rushing yds with 2 TD.

Cole Kelley, SE LA (up on the road at UCA, 27-0) - 19/22 passing for 236 yds and 1 TD, plus 38 rushing yds with 3 TD, midway through the 3rd qtr.

Connor Noland - thinking pleasant baseball thoughts, one imagines.

Mizzou Qb holding his own at Ga so far

Every day is a good day to be a former Arkansas QB these days. Unless you are a masochist.

Just another sign that Craddock doesn’t know what he’s doing. The QBs were not developed here, and therefore looked even worse behind our OL. They go somewhere else, are passed on the depth chart because they are not polished, and then develop into great QBs by other staffs. It’s painfully obvious who the problem is.

Not that it matters that much, but Ty Storey did not play in that loss to UCA to start the season.
He eventually got the starting job when the tarter Steven Duncan got hurt and since staring he has lead WKU to a 5-2 record and a bowl birth.
Happy for this fine young man that he gets to end his college football career with a winning team.

Go Hogs!

While Storey’s 2 hand picked replacements here sat on the bench.

A good coach changes his offenses and defenses to maximize the talent they have now. Morris changed his offense and hoped to recruit to run it in a couple of years. Morris had these two qbs that couldn’t the rpo and had a blocking fullback he moved to tight end. With the line play as bad as it was, why wouldn’t you run an offense that used a fullback to block with? Chip Kelly didnt run his Oregon offense this year at his new job because he didn’t have the talent to run it. The common demonitator with all 4 qb s is a lack of an Enos (no coaching).