Good day: Hogs won, tea sippers lost

It was the first time that Rock Chalk has beaten tu since 1938. :lol:

Say good-bye Charlie.

Yep, he is gone. You could see it in his face in the post game interview. Fell sorry for him, but not for Texas. I just hope they don’t hit a home run in hiring his replacement.

I’m not sure it is the plum job that it once was. Admittedly it is not far from it, but aTm is now the prime school in the state. And the demands of the alumni and supporters can be tough.

You would think that they would go after Herman from UH.

ESPN has been running on their crawler all night that the big Texass boosters want to hire Herman.

Unfortunately, Mobilehoma is winning big and now could conceivably sneak into the CFP with a few breaks. I’ll be rooting for the Cowpukes in Bedlam.

And our friend Kliff Kingsbury lost 66 - 10 to Iowa St. That’s unbelievable.

AND Rev Freeze and the Black Bears are down 21 in the 4th QTR to Vandy.

LOL they just scored on a prayer - down 14.

Hope Vandy holds on.


Texas losing to KU is real ugly. That is a historical loss, that says the players have given up on Strong.

Ole Miss losing to Vandy is ugly in image but Vandy is a better team than most want to admit. The OM players have checked out and don’t care. It’s time to get ready for the combine.

LSU lost so that makes me very happy on so many levels. Now UT, LSU, and possibly Tenner will be looking for new coaches.

I seriously doubt Tenner fires Jones. We know it’s Fool’s Gold but they’ve been down for awhile and although the SECe is way down, they were one LSU RB going the wrong way from playing in Atlanta.

And, anymore, winning the Signing Day recruiting stars game is just as important as winning actual games.

The funny thing is he’s gonna survive but if he was in the West he would probably be 5-6 or 6-5.

I hear rumblings from Rocky top fans that the drama, player crimes, player transfer, players not sticking, etc have everyone worried the program is out of control. It will be interesting to see if he can keep recruiting at the high level.

I watched some of the UT-KU game. Effort was there. Foreman was running all over the Prairie Chickens (250 yards), but they turned it over six times, including a pick-six and the overtime INT that allowed KU to kick a field goal. They held KU to 342 total yards but couldn’t put the game away.

Overall a very good day, Hogs win, Horns, and Rebs lose. Vols don’t get to Atlanta and pretty boy Kliff gets more humiliated than a bad haircut. Only thing that could make the day better would be Gus and his bat crap crazy wife getting food poisoning at the Huddle House last night!