Good breakdown of offensive line combinations/results from Aggie game … nsive-line

Man, that is depressing.

Really good stuff. I thought Ramirez had some good moments. Obviously he allowed some pressure and had some penalties, but for his first game, he was decent at times. I’d have a short leash for Jackson.

I never, ever outright call for a coach to be fired. I have no right or knowledge base to do that. But there’s no question the line play has taken a nose-dive since Pittman left. Maybe its not all on Anderson. Or even Enos. But there’s not arguing the timeline.

I know what I think. But I have no inside knowledge to back up my opinion. So I’ll keep it to myself.

I’ll only say this. Knowledge of technique alone doesn’t make you a good coach or anything else. Ability to get people to perform often hinges on charisma…something you either have or you don’t.

Pittman had it. So does Brett. Not so sure of some others…though Enos probably does too…

I think Dan has charisma.

It’s time for some tuff love on the Oline group. Ramirez would make a good play and then get a penalty. Is just like to see them play more combinations until someone steps up. The rear ended chewing last week on the sideline helped a little. Maybe they need some more of that.
I keep saying the O line will improve but man it’s taking a while to see improvement.
It would be nice for Pittman to be here.