Good Bo interview with Payton Willis' father

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I covered high schools up here the last few years and got an up-close view of how he was recruited from the Payton/Fayetteville standpoint. This was very interesting and confirmed some of what I’d been told.

Heard that on the radio live earlier, Bo did a good job of asking questions. It was a very good interview.

My takeaway from it…

We had guards ahead of him on our priority list, he got tired of waiting and felt like we were stringy him along, and so he went to Vandy. Also, sounds like the staff may have been a bit concerned on Payton’s “Buy In” meaning how much he wanted to be a Hog and play in CMA’s style of defense.

I always felt like if Payton would have waited to the Spring he would have been prioritized then. If my memory is correct our top guard targets in the fall were Monk, Macon, Barford, and Jaylen Fisher. Payton was probably 5th in that line.

I think the only person Monk would have followed to Arkansas was John Calipari