Good article on WRs

Clay, great article. One thing it reminded me of is all of the really good players we have had from Smackover. Looking back over about 55 years that I’ve followed the Hogs, players from there have been good consistently. Just a random thought while reading the article.

Being a proud Smackover native, I enjoyed seeing this post. For a small town (never much over 2000 population since the oil boom in 1922-23, when overnight an estimated 25,000 people crowded in), it’s produced quite a few contributors to the U of A football program over the years. Off the top of my head, I can name Clyde “Smackover” Scott, Kenneth Hayden, Joe Black, Bobby Burnett, Tommy Burnett, Bill Burnett, Jack Hunt, and now Jordan Jones…also Jonathan Modica for basketball. That’s a pretty nice roll call for the little town with the funny name. It’s almost always a conversation starter when you tell people you are from Smackover, Arkansas. They invariably want to know (1) where it is, and (2) how in the world it got its name.