Good Article on the Football Hogs upcoming season

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I like that article. Makes me put the rose colored glasses on. #WPS

I also think the Hogs can win 10 games this season, but I’m going 8-4, along with a Bowl W.

While I expect the passing defense to be significantly improved, in part due to improved depth, with all the same folks returning from last season’s #117 passing defense, a 10 win team likely needs much more than significant improvement.

Except for the DLine, I just have not seen evidence of any special players, real difference makers on our defense. To me, that means we must play excellent team defense – hustle to fumbles, make interceptions when you can, play tighter D and scramble to put your hands on the guy with the ball.

Last, I think the “2” 2,000 yard rushers is quite bold. While I don’t expect our running attack to be awful, I don’t expect them to be great - this season.

I’d be all over 10 wins if Kirkland had returned.

10 games is going to be tough. I agree with all of you, it is possible. But, the main point of the article is spot on. Can Bielema win with this style with less talent then a bunch of other SEC schools on a consistent basis? I guess we are about to find out in the next few years…