Good answer this half

This 17-2 run is one of the best stretches I’ve seen this team play all year. The ball movement especially has been good. It’s impressive given the opponent.

You jinxed us

Then we got to sharing the ball too much and Bardford to Macon turnover when Bardford had a good shot. That did look good.

That’s the best half we have played all year. Similar to the Kentucky game. Bardford sure likes it tonight. He’s hot.

Great half for the Hogs. The zone defense makes this Razorback team better in all phases of the game. We’ve just got a mix of players that are much more comfortable in zone defense. In man, it just doesn’t seem instinctive for our new guys. Plus the zone keeps Moses under the basket. I was so happy to see Mike go to the zone after that 15-0 run by SC.