Good and bad from flame out

The sun shall rise tomorrow. In the meantime, there were several positives from the Liberty game,
McAdoo had an outstanding game. Deserves more playing time.
Defense had a stellar second half.
Little nailed a 50 yard FG.
Landers and Haselwood were very consistent and played with a sense of urgency.
OL generally gave KJ ample time to pass.
As for the bad…
Too many lost yardage plays on offense. OL deserves a lot of blame but…
It appeared to me KJ often held the ball too long or failed to scramble in time.
KJ often over looked wide open receivers.
Thompson continues to consistently drop passes.
Team was flat and lacked fight in the first half.
Defensive secondary still a work in progress.
Team should have gone into a two minute offense earlier in the game.
UA…Campus of Champions