Good advice for the kids

So you are favoring the Horns this weekend? What else am I supposed to divine from this?

Not at all. I keep hoping for a selective meteor strike in east Dallas on the second Saturday in October, but it hasn’t happened yet. Basically I’m insulting our neighbors to the west. Looked for something similar with Roll Tide but haven’t found it yet.

Well, you could certainly substitute “Roll Tide” for “Boomer Sooner,” and it would be appropriate.

With apologies to Clay, of course!


Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are …

I just stay neutral in this game and know that someone is going to lose and that’s good for the soul. I take solace in that the team that wins is probably beat up beyond belief and will lose the next week because of the huge drop in energy level. I imagine them both looking like the Walking Dead and just falling into bad things the rest of the season.

Do I hate Texas? Absolutely. Do I hold disgust for Oklahoma, too? Sure, do.

If Texas or Oklahoma are mentioned, they both growl. They know. I’ve raised them right. Chocolate labs try hard to make their owners happy and both my pups know how to please. I believe they know in their inner being that Texas and Oklahoma football are somehow akin to the lowly snake, something they chase and kill in our backyard.

Maybe we should let your labs loose on the field at kickoff?