Gonzaga looked tired

Those 31 wins might as well have been 31 pound back packs. The weight of making history and the quickness of Baylor was just too much. Which begs the question: would you prefer to see our Hogs go into a National Championship game undefeated, or with a loss or two? I think I’d take a loss or two. As long as those losses weren’t to LSU, Aubrun, Florida or Miss Steak of course.

I don’t think 31 wins were as much of a weight as the OT game against UCLA, That was the first time Zags were tested this season and it took a lot out of them emotionally perhaps.

If UCLA had been an easier win, I think Zags would have still lost, but maybe in single digits.

Baylor is just a superior team athletically. And on top of that Baylor came out of their shooting slump (particularly Butler) in the semis against Houston. Until the Houston game, Baylor didn’t look like the same team it did prior to their long COVID break.

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Mitchell is so good. Physical and fast, barking at other players on his team. I don’t believe a single guy on that court would ever challenge him. What an asset. I thought Gonzaga was tired and intimidated.

I agree with pretty much what others have said: physically out matched, lack of speed, maybe could have used more tests before entering the tournament.

But, let me add one thing that I was so impressed by in our game with Baylor that I didn’t see at all in Gonzaga: Tate running the offense in the moment and making real, substantial adjustments on the fly.

There were times when Tate just masterfully sped up and slowed down the game. He did this the whole season really. It threw Baylor off a few times. It actually reminded me a lot of what Mark Jackson used to do as a point guard with the Knicks and Pacers. He would constantly change the way the defense looked at his offense by moving in and out of the paint, backing his guy down and facing them up at times.

Point guard play did NOT look good at all in the Zags game.

I think we win our game if Baylor doesn’t have a first-half shooting performance of all ages.

UCLA played extra game to get into tournament and lost on half court shot to Zags. Being tired was not factor but pressing in your face defense was. Zags are good but Baylor was much better team due to playmakers able to make or get a shot off and better depth.

Hawgs game might have been Baylor’s toughest in tournament with Mitchel in foul trouble and three point shots not failing. Houston is still trying to figure what hit them in first half.

I have always thought that when we went 31-3 and won the National Championship in 94 that the loss in the SEC title game to Kentucky played a big roll in our run. Showed them that they can still be beat and must bring their A game every night. So while it would be nice to be an undefeated champion, I think a loss or two during the season is a good thing.

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I was tired from just watching the Gonzaga-UCLA game and fell asleep right after halftime trying to watch the title game.

Baylor will make a lot of teams look slow.


I just think they ran up against talent they hadn’t seen, quicker and better shooters than they were and got behind so far they started rushing shots and got in situation that they knew they were in trouble,you could deer in headlights on their faces.

I agree PJ. UCLA took a lot out of them. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Getting down big early like they did, pretty much sealed the deal.

Baylor physically whipped Gonzaga. I thought the depth of Baylor was a factor.

And playing from behind will wear you down. Gonzaga wore down as game went on.

How much the UCLA game was a factor, not sure. But Houston did not push Baylor nearly as much.

My wife loves basketball and always has-she grew up in Louisville and her mom was from basketball crazy Indiana-
her observation several times was that Baylor looked like a bunch of weight lifters that were very good basketball players. They physically abused Gonzaga. No contest. Baylor blitzed us then Houston then the Zags, amazing team on defense and offense. I hate it but money can buy a lot of people. Their coach is the real deal also. A lot of low life good coaches in our conference also.

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