Gonzaga game time

It will tip at 6:09 p.m. Central on CBS.

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Oh well, we get the early slot. Was hoping we would be the later tip, but I guess they saved that for Coach K

Afternoon tipoff in San Fran…Go Hogs!


Was hoping for the early window so there’d be no conflict with USMNT vs. El Tri. :soccer::+1:

Good I’m glad it’s not 8:30 or later

Hmm. I get off work at 5ish Eastern Thursday afternoon. Two hours to Casa SF. Guess I may be listening to tipoff on Sirius XM if departure is delayed at all.

I have my ticket. Will be there live!


That will help with adapting to the time zone change. :+1:

Damn, that’s a brutal commute, Jeff.

Yup which is why I won’t be doing it after May 6.

My schedule last week (this week is better but not much): Sunday night, 120 mile drive, hotel. Monday, work full day, 45 miles, another hotel. Tuesday, full day. Wednesday, full day. Thursday, 45 miles back, half day, 120 miles home. Friday, 90 miles, see one patient, 90 miles back home.

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I hope you are getting mileage.

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