Gonzaga at Arkansas game1

Wow Austin hittng 8th…like it means there’s power deep into the lineup

Way to go Rook! 1st 2 rbi’s hes the only one so far went up there ready to hit that 1st pitch which has been a strike most every time

why you don’t walk people Ramage! he’s all over the place,He’s going to have to be a whole lot better than what he was today.

Ramage and Kopps not good for being veteran pitchers.

nope not at all,both have to be much better.

Ok Time for the bats to wake up!! we waited long enough!

This guy has come in and totally shut us down he of the 27 ERA smh

This is a frustrating game. I can’t believe we’re not having our way with these guys. 5-5 in the 7th. I’d hoped to be up by 3-4 runs by now

yeah and the next 2 pitchers we will see are WAY better than these guys.

His 27. Era was because he had only pitched 1 inning. Is throwing well today.

yes he did! didn’t pitch much last yr for them.

He was out. Cheating SEC umps out to get the Zags.

last I heard bases loaded with CF up one out. What happened?

Franklin beat out and grounder to force in a run then wild pitch got another in.7-5 going to the 8th

ok well at least we scored something hopefully we can hold them now

not on secn in Tenn today and no p/u on a Raz radio station either :frowning:

I would not want to grip a baseball today. So cold. Pitchers get a lot of credit from me today.

I hear ya Clay any outs yet?

who’s pitching for us now