Gonzaga @ Arkansas Game 4

Can the hogs get the sweep? It will be nice to see how long Bolden can go. Does anyone know what his pitch count will be?

yeah hope he has a good outing and I see he’s throwing to Tamez so we will see how well they work together.

Moore picking up where he left off, line drive base up the middle gets us on the board! Love his approach at the plate he very rarely swings at a bad pitch.


Big play to prevent what I thought was going to be Gonzagaz first run today!!!

Bolden has 39 pitches through three innings.

Pretty good outing for Bolden,the only thing with him is he’s going to give up hits because he’s not going to strike out hardly anybody so you just have to hope they hit at somebody.

Denton comes in and does what he does, he is death on right-handers…great job!!
now let’s get these bats woke up, this guy is not good enough to hold us down like this let’s go!!


Thank you for hearing me Franklin let’s get ready to roll!!

Denton was absolutely great in that jam. Now Franklin breaks the scoring drought. I think we are about to break this open.


Big homerun by Franklin, but so far, Dentons 3 up 3 down was huge!!



Moore is on fire!!! Another line drive base hit to right gets us a run!!! Big hit by good heart gets two more!..5-0

Fun inning. HK was clearly out at the plate, but hard to criticize the decision to run to home. Woulda been nice to have had the run and still batting with a runner on 2nd.

But I’ll take the 5-0 lead after 4. Thinking we are in good shape for the sweep

Adams was about to pitch himself into the doghouse and still might.

Well Adams definitely not the answer for our third starter… got to learn to get the ball out the middle of the plate. Those 12 to 6 breaking balls will get you killed… he will get there.

I was just about to post that it’s time to get Adams out when DVH stepped out of the dugout. We don’t want to blow this thing by suddenly bad pitching

What an incredible play by Tamez!! As a former catcher I cannot even begin to tell you how hard that is.Crap! We have let them right back in this!!
Got to come out swinging now and get the momentum back.

Casey finally gets hold of one!

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That a boy Casey!! That’s what I’m talkin about

Ask and it shall be given. Casey Martin gets one right back


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