Gonzaga AD on pitcher Keaton Knueppel's glove

Arkansas fan Jason Frye sent an email to Gonzaga athletic director Matt Roth about pitcher Keaton Knueppel’s glove yesterday. He sent me the response to post that he got back from Roth, who has been the Zags’ AD for 23 years.

Good response… pretty ridiculous a kid could have that on a glove

Gonzaga is a Jesuit university. I had a feeling that would be addressed pretty swiftly. Remember that yesterday was the first time that pitcher has thrown this year.

what was on the glove or what was wrong with it?

He had the words “F— you” stitched into the glove. It was visible on the TV cameras that were zoomed in.

“stitched into” the glove. If it had been handwritten onto the glove I could understand why that might be something recent that the coaches did not know about. But unless they took a Singer with them out on the road that glove have been like that for a while.

So I’m a bit skeptical about the HC or his assistants and the trainer not knowing about it for some time.

It was his first pitching appearance in almost two years after being out all last season with an injury

I just went back and looked at the screengrab. His name is stitched on the glove in red, but the FU was in black and appears to have been written on maybe with a Sharpie.

I suspect he’s getting a new glove today, regardless.

And I can’t believe we had fans sending hate mail to the guy that emailed the Gonzaga AD. To me, that’s the biggest problem with keyboards, people will email things they wouldn’t have the guts (being nice) to say to in person.

Some of the nicest players you’ll find off the field are complete a=holes on the field. None moreso than a starting pitcher. I’ve had multiple pitching coaches talk to me about that mindset is critical as pitchers face better and better offenses.

That he has it inside his glove for motivation is something I get. Completely. Maybe it needs to be place more discreetly. The internet and social media are such I almost root for kids like that!

As a Catholic, this is not the first time I have been disappointed in how this University has represented my faith.

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