Gonna give my game ball to

I know many would pick Council, Smith, or even Black…

Today I’d give it to Jordan Walsh.
12 points
3 rebounds
1 assist
1 block
2 steals
ZERO fouls
ZERO turnovers
+11 for time in game. (highest on team today)

All this while playing ferocious defense.

Game Ball Jordan Walsh.


Can’t disagree, but Makhi was pretty special too.


I think you should reconsider, and give it to The 4th.
He did after all try to rip the goal off the backboard.


Yes he did try that, but how objective can you really be Gas? WE all know your obsession with the dunk. You might be just a tad biased. Just sayin… :slight_smile:


Me!! Never! :grin:

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Aloha Gas,
Were you at the game today? Thought I had another Gas sighting at the start of today’s game🤔
UA…Campus of Champions

I was not. I was giving away toys and turkeys.

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I can’t disagree with individual choices today for MVP with contributes by each of the starters plus recognition of Devo (dang I wish he would equal value for his assist by a pass to another missed attempt). Today is one those team victories where each made contributions at critical times. It amazed me that Moser decided to allow such an open game and then I realized his team could not maintain control of the flow. Muss (and his staff) had the Razorbacks thoroughly prepared to play with such intensity the Sooners found themselves a half step behind from the close of half to final whistle. The IV’s final nail gave emphasis to the completeness of the victory.


Gas is a broken record. Dunks are his measuring stick. Someday he will see the entire picture. Ha.


Walsh played well today. He needs to play to his potential to help fill the void created by losing Brazile.
He is not a silky, smooth player, but he is a bull. We are going to need him.

We had a reverse oop today. That is a big picture, picture.


Not really. :sunglasses:

Imagine if the entire picture was nothing but dunks!!

You know muss has been drumming that into him since TB 's injury…probably before too. Watching him today i was especially proud of him because i felt like his effort was direct response to what CSM has no doubt pounded into him since Tues.

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This team took another step towards being the team we all hoped for since this recruiting class arrived. Observed more unity as a team in all aspects of the game, they seemed confident and didn’t get rattled when Oklahoma made a little run in the first half. I had been skeptical about being ready for conference play but after yesterday’s performance it seems we are progressing. Isn’t it great to see a team not miss a step and continue to play good ball after losing a weapon like TB, isn’t depth a beautiful thing to have available on the bench. WPS

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