Gonna give Muss a pass

On not having depth this year. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson the hard way. You can not win in the SEC playing only 7 guys. Maybe you can at Nevada, but this ain’t Nevada. Signing 3 non-grad players, 2 of which he knew for sure would have to sit, was clearly a mistake. I think we all knew that we were one significant injury away from the danger zone, and here we sit. Hopefully we can finish this season respectably, sign the rest of the Fantastic Four in April, and Muss will realize you just can’t win big in a Power 6 conference without depth.

Uh, it sounds like you are saying that we have a lack of depth because the coach prefers it that way.

Yes, but I would be willing to bet that he’s re-thinking that philosophy right about now. I hope he’s willing to adapt. Like I said, this ain’t Nevada.

No sense in our arguing about what someone else is thinking, but I would bet that if Coach had inherited 10 quality players he would be playing them all. Hopefully he has always planned on and worked towards having more than 7 or 8 quality players for next year and beyond.

I truly hope so.

Yeah. I wish he’d chose to have more height & more depth. I don’t know why he chose to have less of those. Even as unsophisticated an observer as I am, I think I’d have opted to have more talent than less.

I feel the same way about Pittman. I think he’ll regret his decision to not to sign the #1 recruiting class this year. I just don’t understand coaching decisions.



Keep in mind Daniel Gafford left early for the NBA and Reggie Pe$$y took the money and ran to MSU at the last moment. Both losses were devastating for the Hogs. CEM tried to get Connor Vanover eligible for this season but NCAA slammed the door shut on that move. There went all of the Hogs height and depth.


I don’t understand the need to be snarky. I’ve been put in timeout on this site twice for my sins in that regard. Understand, I worked for Nolan Richardson, who made a career out of using quality depth. I just don’t understand why Muss would sign 3 players who can’t play this year. Connor, I get, but the other 2…?

We get the Pittman joke. So, who in your opinion is responsible for not having depth and size?

PJ, you may have forgotten but he had Moss coming here until he switched late to Kansas. He also was high on Blackshear’s list. He didn’t have a full recruiting season last year either!

I blame Gafford and the people who helped him decide to leave early. Obviously, that was tongue in cheek, but this team would have been soooo much better had he just stayed this one more year. Also, Gafford would have probably gone higher in the 2020 draft had he stayed.

Yes, but signing off Iyiola came after Moss. And there was still another scholarship to fill.

Jerry, my take is he thought he would be okay with 9. He is too smart to think he was not okay and not do anything about it.

When did a Gabe O get booted? Once it happened,was it too late to find a capable replacement?

This team would be much better with a Gabe.

Gabe got himself booted! Heard it pretty straight but no one will confirm.

I have no doubt about that, jerryj.

I was asking a question and making a point. Muss didn’t choose to have no depth (as his biggest critic is trying to say.

But he Did choose it by signing 3 transfers that were not grads. I think he’ll do better going forward, but part of Muss 's problem this year is self inflicted by the selection of transfers he Chose to sign.

Jeremy love your takes and passion but maybe what was left for this year he didn’t like? Maybe he felt those 3 were something he wanted, fit his system and worth waiting for? We just have no idea what he was thinking or the thought process behind it

I think you’re pulling a groin by assuming there were three grad transfers who (a) fit our needs, (b) wanted to come to Arkansas and (c ) Muss passed on them anyway. BIIIIIIIG stretch. I think it’s pretty clear that he expected Vanover to get a waiver but the NCAA proved him wrong.

I agree with you on that, Muss decided it was better to wait on those 3 and have a scholarship open for maybe Kyree Walker.

That translates into he made the choice to go with 9, doesn’t it? If not, who do you think made the choice to go into season with just 9?

This the weirdest debate on this forum for a while. Jeremy and I are saying Muss made the choice to go into the season with 9. Everyone else is giving reasons why he went into the season with 9 but are arguing that he did not make that choice. Strange!