Gonna do a solo podcast tomorrow evening after the UConn game

So send me any questions/topics between now and then. Thanks.

How is Macon’s ankle?

Have you watched the other teams in the tournaments? If so, how do you think UNC stacks up against Mich St, Duke, FL?

Is Gafford getting any more NBA attention than he was a week ago?

Polls, computer rankings, sos, media bracket projections etc that are out there so far

National landscape and comparisons, conference strength etc

Any national recognition or mention of hogs in the media so far? Examples

Then Your personal subjective and your objective data based opinions of Arkansas comparison to and ranking among pk80 field and NCAA field. Then ceiling and floor for hogs postseason seeding with our remaining schedule.


Bump. Gonna stay and watch Florida-Duke and will do this after I get back to the hotel.

North Carolina’s half court defense just shut us down. They forced us to work in the half court and slowed the game down. Do you see this team developing a half court offensive game to deal with this when we play Florida, South Carolina, Texas A&M, etc.?

Bailey and Jones seem to be the step up guys to help Beard handle the press. Macon and Barford seem to shy away from that. If Beard gets injured or in foul trouble, who will handle the press for us?

Will Gafford ever quit committing the cheap fouls that put him on the bench?