Golf Question for Clay or anyone who knows

Know this is the football board, but saw no better option, and like many others, I follow all things Razorback. Saw the golf lineup for the Men’s first tournament and noticed the absence of Charles Kim. Is he still on the team, injured or is Coach just getting the youngsters some playing time? Know he played well last year.

Side note, saw both men’s and women’s preseason rankings by Golfweek, and apparently they don’t think that highly of either of our teams. I suspect they will be better informed by the end of the season!

We have four true freshmen in our lineup for the first tournament (Alvaro Ortiz is leading the individual standings, team is 5 shots back of Georgia). Could be that the newcomers are just better than Kim, who is on the roster. Eight players on the roster, only six could make the trip to Pebble Beach.

All those freshmen are probably why the men aren’t ranked any higher than 20th. Women don’t play a tournament for another three weeks.