Golf Course Question for NWA

I’m meeting my oldest up at Bella Vista for our spring break and we are all wanting to play golf Monday somewhere(March 22nd). Any ideas for good places to play? Thanks in advance.

Stonebridge Meadow is the best public option. I like the links at Weddington, too. The one in Springdale is fun as well. Both are short but fun.

I don’t know if you can get on at Bella Vista. They have some good courses. Wide open and good greens. Not on the level of Stonebridge.

Bella Vista does allow pay-for-play and I believe all courses are included. The Country Club, Highlands, and Scotsdale are the best courses.

I think we are staying close to Highlands clubhouse. The twins are seniors in high school and are getting better with all the practice this last month at Squire Creek, so Mr Scratch big brother is ready to challenge them…I enjoy the back of forth of watching them play and compete. They’ll all shoot in the 70’s, while I hold down the caboose with low 80’s if my back holds up. I’ll be happy to simply not be working…been a long fall/winter at work.

Going to the Bama game at Baum Sunday, golf Monday, and their mom has insisted on Crystal Bridges. Gotta bring back a little culture to West Monroe. :slight_smile:


Crystal Bridges is a must. I’ve played all those BV courses. All ok.

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