Golden State 10% Owner

The 10% Owner of the Golden State Warriors “Nobody cares about the Uyghurs.” Enough said.

I didn’t really need another reason to not care about the NBA. That guy gave me one anyway.

I have no idea what these words mean. I am sure I am being stupid, but I have no idea what this post is about.


MMmmm what in the world??

I’m 90% lost in translation here.

The slaves in China. The slaves everyone in the NBA ignores to make China happy. The human rights violations against the Uyghur’s is one of this worlds greatest tragedies. The minority owner of the Warriors said “nobody cares about the Uyghur’s” in a podcast. The owners name is Chamath Palihapitiya.


Uyghurs are a Muslim minority group in western China that the Chinese government has been persecuting for years. Rounding them up and putting them in labor/concentration camps. Many claiming it’s a genocide with more than 1 million victims.

Surprised there are people who haven’t heard of this. It’s the major impetus behind many in the international community calling for a boycott of the winter olympics. Just Google “Uyghur genocide” and you can read all about it.


I think a lot if not most people are aware of the Uyghur issue in China. But many probably had no idea about its link to the Golden State Warriors. I know I didn’t and I read the newspaper every morn. Yes I am an old fart and I still ger a paper thrown on my front porch every day.

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Yeah, probably right. I think this interview when he said that was just yesterday, so a lot of people may not have heard about it and made the connection.

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Meh. Nobody here cares that the Chinese have been exterminating an ethic group for over five years. Nobody here reads the news. But hey, the Hogs didn’t hit a 3 against USCe.


Just shows how the NBA has totally sold out to the Chinese. Heard today that they take in more $ from China than anywhere else and $ is all the NBA cares about. Don’t know why they don’t just pull up and move to China. See how they like it.


Mainstream media, politicians, pro sports, entertainment industry in general, etc ignore the issue in fear of upsetting the communist leaders of China. Greed $&& trumps values. Same attitude towards China’s crack down on Hong Kong and isolating Taiwan. China is the big bully on the block that most people cower down to including most pro athletes. Especially in the NBA.
UA…Campus of Champions


Thanks for the civil reply. I was aware of slave labor in China, but was not familiar with the particular issue of the Uyghurs.

I admit without a “paper” that is actually on paper, I don’t read the “paper” every day like I used to. Back in the day I read both papers, cover to cover.

My bad.

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I have also been aware of the “reeducation” efforts of the Chinese to their Muslim citizens. But I had not remembered the name.

Sooo many terrible things the Chinese have done, not the least of which is unleashing Covid 19 on the world, but we won’t talk about it here. This is a sports board.:thinking:



Now I really like HI but at what point does real life Not matter?

Maybe we need a political or controversial board? Maybe a OT board, yes?

Mainstream media is exactly how anyone knows about the issue. It’s reported. People just ignore it because they like their sneakers and iPhones.

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All too true. But I did take that into account in deciding what TV to buy last month. My choices were a Chinese-made model which was cheaper and pretty good, or a Samsung, which of course is made in South Korea. I went with the Samsung in large part because of the plight of the Uyghurs.


me too, Swine, I bought a lenovo laptop years ago, then found out it came from China. :angry: :angry: :angry:. I’ve been much more careful in my purchases since then. I’ll go out of my way NOT to help out that oppressive regime.

why in the world American companies have so so so much of their manufacturing done there, I’ll just never understand.


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Oh I understand it perfectly. It’s a lot cheaper to get stuff made in China than just about anywhere else, and the work is (usually) of good quality. If your only consideration is maximizing the profit margin, you go to China.