Going to have to play way better to have a chance against Kentucky on Saturday

Arkansas will get Kentucky’s best game because. Arkansas with a few championships could actually be a team that threatens Kentucky’s dominance in the SEC. And Calipari doesn’t like Arkansas to begin with. Going to have to set way more screens, to get Mason and Isaiah open, they both had terrible nights tonight.

If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse. I think the effort on the boards the last two games has been tremendous, but Kentucky is a whole nother animal when it comes to size.

Ky is always going to be a tough out and will be extremely tough with their size, having said that the gamecocks just squeaked by them so it can be done. Maybe we have Joe & Jones off night behind us, but if we could get a game with Joe,Jones,Whitt and Chaney all getting in double figures we would have a very good chance of beating Ky. It will take a clean game from our guys to top Ky but it’s darn sure possible “IF” we stay out of foul trouble and away from injuries. We rely on good team effort with guys stepping up when needed, Jones showed growth against Vandy by recognizing a off night and not jacking up bad shots but instead becoming a facilitator on the floor. I’m not sure we have seen the best from this team yet as we continue to see growth from each of our guys when they take the court. Yes, I do believe we can beat Ky on our court IF we play our game. WPS

Yeah, they will have to play with tremendous heart, energy, and enthusiasm, to have a chance at an upset. Kentucky is huge compared to Arkansas. Arkansas will have to be tenacious. Kentucky hates Arkansas also, because if Arkansas was to get it going consistently, Arkansas could threaten Kentucky’s complete domination over the SEC.

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