Going to have to get into our bench more against Zags

No way to play everyone 40 minutes at the pace they play. We can try to control pace some but they are hard to slow down. Really tough matchup all around for us.

Does Connor play? Going to be hard to match their size with our usual line up. Umude or Wade guarding Holmgren doesn’t seem likely to be very effective.

Do we try get some more scoring on the floor by playing Jaxson?

Does KK get some run to try to spell our guards?

We have one common opponent: Alabama. Both lost to the Ocean Scum. When they played Bama, Bama scored 51 in the first half and held on to win. Shot 43% from the field, 38% from deep and stayed with them on the boards. Turnovers were even too. They “held” Timme to 10 of 19 shooting.

Remember that their PG Nembhard transferred from Florida, so we’ve seen him before.

The Zags only go 7-8 deep too, and their 8th man only got 3 minutes last night.

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We got rest days, Muss will stick with his rotation. Why would he change what he believes in and what has him in BACK to BACK sweet 16’s?


And, it’s better to play them in SF than in Washington. And, it’s better playing them with four days rest rather than 1. What’s amazing is we had a few guys who almost played 40 minutes against both Vermont and NMS with only 1 day rest. In fact, because of fouls, JD may have been the most rested. I don’t think the Zags can out-fit us, I worry about the out-shooting us.

Kamani will see some game time I would think. WPS

As good as Timme is he couldn’t play for Muss, Pearl, Calapari, or Barnes he can’t run worth a flip. I wonder how long he will last in NBA, even the announcers last night were commenting on it. He is a great player but acts like he is completely out of shape!

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I feel pretty certain that Drew Timme would play for every team in America. He is a unique offensive talent

And they can’t shoot FT’s worth a flip except for one player and he’s a transfer from Florida!

That could also play in our favor. We make FTs. If they don’t it gives us a major advantage.

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They shoot 73% from the line for the year. We shoot 75%. Doesn’t seem like much of an advantage.

In that case we will have to be devoted to drives, as opposed to lifting up 30 ft rainbows.

We have 1 player that needs to shoot those. The rest should forget it. they can’t throw it in the ocean. they have a hard enough time from 2 feet.

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