Going to be tough to win with this bullpen..........

…whether an SEC tourney, Regional, whatever. Maybe next year with pitchers returning from injury and new recruits we can have a middle and late reliever we can count on.

Yes. The bullpen is the Achilles heel of this team.

Don’t see us beating Auburn. We will be emotionally down after this loss and the pitching is not good.

It’s still all about the matchup you get in the regional. The 2015 bullpen was pretty bad.

Matt, you are right about the matchups but if your bullpen does not throw strikes and is constantly behind in the count, I don’t think it matters who you are playing. The bullpen today was pathetic.

the bullpen helping.


Care to make any more completely inaccurate predictions? :smiley:

You just can’t get too high or too low over one baseball game. The bullpen didn’t pitch well in the first game yesterday, but you have to give some credit to Mississippi State for making it tough on those pitchers. That’s a strong team (won a series over national seed Kentucky) with two really good hitters who were at the plate in the ninth; the last two batting champions in the league are Rooker and Mangum.

Then the bullpen turns around and throws seven no-hit innings. Taccolini is a bullpen guy, in my opinion, trying to give starter innings.

What’s ironic is that Auburn is the team that beat up on Arkansas’ pitching more than any other team this year. It seemed like every other at-bat was a home run or a double last month.