Going to be really interesting

To see what happens to Mizzou in bracketology after that egg they laid in Oxbarn last night.

Bracket Matrix hasn’t updated since that game. Right now they have Bama as a 2, Mizzou and EOE as 3s, Florida as a 7 (if they can ever play a game), us as a 9 and SAO as an 11. My immediate response to that is “hmm, four of the six or seven games we have left”. Assuming, again, that any games get played; Florida will be idle for 13 days before they come to BWA, assuming they do come to BWA.

We’re listed in 99 of the 101 brackets on the Matrix. The two holdouts are Andy Katz at ncaa.com (last updated Monday) and Tim Krueger at Stadium (also updated Monday).

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