Going to be playing Oregon state

5-0 already…they are really good…will have to score runs to beat these guys.

Yep. Beaver Brown Band of Bombers. They can flat out hit. Hoping State can crawl back into this.

yeah totally possible long way to go. MSU problem will be holding them down.

Yeah. It’s early enough that a 5 run lead isn’t insurmountable, but you just get the impression OSU isn’t finished scoring. MSU got 1 run back, but they’re going to need some crooked numbers soon to have a chance.

So, what do you get when you cross a wild hog with a wild beaver?? Nothing, some things even a pig won’t touch…

Confession, this was a take off from a joke in the 60s of what do you get when you cross and Razorback with a Texas A&M coed…

The fat lady has begun to hum but it’s still too early to start the bus and sing. There is a lot of game left. I’m hoping Mo U comes back and at least ties it up. I really would like to beat both of these teams.

And a stupid baserunning mistake costs Moo-u a chance to close the gap. Bullies are running out of innings. You can’t make those kinds of mistakes & expect to win. MSU might be feelling the pressure a bit more than the beavers

Anybody know the OSU pitching situation for Monday?? …assuming they win

Moo U has runners at 2nd & 3rd in B6 & line drive right at the 3rd baseman ends in DP. Now they’ve got 9 outs to get 4 runs. Long shot

That’s a base hit against most teams Oregon State plays their third baseman way off the line! Which means he can’t get anything down the line at all

It was a big play. It’d have scored two runs & MSU would’ve had 2 outs to get more. Could’ve been the difference in the game.

2 of the best hitting teams around playing for all the marbles. Should be fun. WPS!

Hope OSU can’t channel its disappointment from last year into a championship this year. Sometimes it takes a year to break through (i.e., Florida two years ago). Here’s to hoping they are two-time runners-up after Tuesday night.

MSU has scored a run in the 9th & has bases loaded with 2 outs. I suspect it’s just one of those “teases” that gives fans slight hope, but if someone hits a GS to win, it’d be an incredible win.

Mr. Rally Banana at the plate

Shouodn’t have left his “best rally banana ever” back at the hotel.

It will be Luke Heimlich.

Casey Martin liked this.

The molester.

Yeah I figured they would throw him. Just got to be patient take advantage of his mistakes reminds me of Rollison from Ole Miss who we hit hard