Going to be interesting to see if J will continues to get charges

The way Barnes pitched such a hissy fit over all the charges we got. It’s going to be very interesting to see if the officials start to really look extremely close at that and decide to not give him as many. That will totally change our game if he all of a sudden is not getting the amount of charges. He is the one guy we really can’t afford to get in foul trouble.

I suspect it will hurt us.

They sure called a lot of charges in the Baylor/Okie St game last night. Fran Frischilla was the analyst and he was commenting on each one, and he was agreeing with the calls. He said “as the rules are defined, that is a charge”. He said if they want to change those calls they’ll have to change the rule. It is defined differently in the NBA

I totally agree and I hope that the officials are not going to be over sensitive because of a little cry baby not getting his way.
I think tonight will probably tell us a good bit because if I’m Florida’s coach I try to drive the paint every time I can and see if I can get Jay will in foul trouble. J will does an incredible job of setting up in position to draw the charges and I just hope he will continue to get the correct calls on them.


Agree, and I bet mike white will talk to the officials b4 and during the game abt it.

I think Barnes was making his play for our upcoming game in Knoxville.
But hey we called for charging too. I don’t see it being one sided.

Oh I think that’s exactly what Barnes was doing but you know good well Mike White is going to make reference to it to the referees.

As with so many close calls in sports, we all have opinions about whether an official’s call is correct without having a concise understanding of what the applicable rule actually is.
The job of the broadcast analyst should be to describe what the rule actually is before giving his opinion on whether the call was consistent with the rule.
Thought I heard someone say recently that NCAA now allows some side-to-side movement by the defender. That little detail needs to be understood before mustard bottles start raining down from the TN student section.
My point is: broadcasters (for all sports) should attempt to educate their viewers on the rules of the game. They typically don’t because they either don’t know or they don’t think it’s important.

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Yes I pointed out that I had heard an analyst say Saturday that if your feet are set you were allowed to slide side to side. Jay will does a tremendous job of getting in position, I don’t think I’ve seen more than one or two of the charges that were called that I thought could go either way and that’s not just because I’m a hog fan… he is in great position. He says he studies film a lot and has an idea of what they like to do and you can tell.

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Side to side has always been ok. Just not always called. Watch the shoulder. If it is not clear, good chance it is a charge

If anything, I think J Will’s reputation helps him with the refs. He moves his feet well and way more often than not is in proper position to draw the charge. Most of the calls involving J Will are obvious.

I thought one charging call J Will got against Tennessee should have been a blocking foul. Maybe his reputation helped him. Maybe the crowd was an influence. Either way, I’d guess J Will’s skill at drawing charges won’t decline…… thus, I doubt many calls will go against him if he keeps doing what he’s been doing.

(Kind of reminds me of the hitter in baseball that is known to have an excellent eye. That player often gets the borderline call)


Charges or not, if I was an opposing coach I’d definitely have a strategy to have JWill or JD on the bench as much as possible. We need to play smart and we’ll be fine…

If refs can’t call a carry nowadays, I have no idea how they will ever get the block charge call correct.

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The won’t! Refs are terrible. The block charge is hard to call and it happens fast. I think J Williams gets set quick enough he will still get some he called his way but there may be a few that will go against him. He isn’t scared to sit up and take the contact.

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He told me recently that some officials have talked to him before games and asked him how many charges he thinks he’ll draw that day lol


He’s such a great kid and has such a great smile and it’s really impossible to not like him…I’ve seen him talking to officials several times and laughing… that’s a great story Scottie LOL

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I agree. I think Barnes’ griping will chose us some. JW needs to be careful tonight. JD is due to go off. Maybe he will have a huge week. Win these 2 and we are looking at a very nice Ncaat seed.


Just take care of this game tonight first!
One game at a time.

I am a fan. I can look ahead. It really doesn’t matter at all if I look ahead.

And, this kinda happened. JW got 3 touch fouls and in the end JD came up huge.

I also thought that it was probably the best game Davis has had as a Hog—wasn’t a smart T but he otherwise was great.