Going to be a long week in Hoover with the weather

Going to be a nightmare with the weather looks like. 60% Tuesday… 70% Wednesday …100% Thursday …not going to be fun.

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Well, we may play better coming out of a rain delay

The rain is one thing. Unfortunately, If there are thunderstorms then there very well could be lightening associated with it. Too me, thats the things I will hate to see. Lightening makes for even longer delays.

Well we’re scheduled to be the first game of the day on Wednesday if they can get the games in Tuesday but if there’s a 60% chance of rain they may be backed up all day Tuesday to where they can’t play them and the evening game may be the first game Wednesday morning so we’ll just have to see.I just remember a couple of years it’s been like this before and it is in a hot mess

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It always rains in late May in Alabama. It’s supposed to rain. Gulf moisture prevails. But it’s not going to rain all day any of those days. I know it can, but probably won’t.

I wonder at what point they would call off the tournament? Say they only get one or two games today and the same tomorrow. They could be 4 games behind going into Thursday.

Weather is going to be perfect Friday for the rest of the week but I knew looking at the weather report this was going to be a nightmare because there was not going to be any consistent break Tuesday through Thursday. I doubt they get more than 2 games in today if that many, same for the next 2 days

wonder yet when they’ll rotate the tournament to the various campuses like the softball one…or find a minor league stadium when its home team would be out of town the week of the tournament

The baseball tournament is not moving from Hoover. Greg Sankey wants the main sports to have a destination city each year for the conference title to be won — football in Atlanta, men’s basketball in Nashville, women’s basketball in Greenville, baseball in Hoover.

I’ve always thought the tournament would be fun to rotate between the minor league stadiums that are within the SEC’s footprint. Several cities with those stadiums submitted bids about 10 years ago and the decision was made to leave the tournament in Hoover.

Looks like Bama & UGA are still in rain delay.

The Alabama-Georgia game is going to resume at 1:20 p.m.

The best-case scenario in Hoover is that there are no more rain delays and everything runs about three hours behind schedule today. If there are any more delays, you have to believe the start time for Arkansas’ game tomorrow might get pushed back in order to make up whatever games cannot be played or finished today.

What’s the weather looking like in Hoover today?

My weather app:

That is changed dramatically since yesterday if that’s the case because it was 70% all the way through the evening starting at 1:00

Accuweather shows consistent rain through noon. Tapering off after noon but then a thunderstorm around Ark game start time. May get our game in sometime this evening?

Water polo! This sure isn’t baseball weather but the hogs have played in bad weather most of the season.

Weather delay for KY - AU game

I would love to play today but not real hopeful

Tomorrow’s forecast looks about the same in Hoover.

Can the SEC make up all the missed games before NCAA tournament selection at noon on Monday?

My weather app shows 35-40% chance of rain for the rest of the day after the 2pm thunderstorm. Since we’re the second game scheduled, possible to get two games in before thunderstorms start up again around midnight.

Of course that’s if the forecast is accurate and doesn’t change throughout the day. Always a chance of pop-up thunderstorms in weather like this.

Weather channel has 20% only for 2:00 and 3:00 then right back to 70 and 80% for the next 4-5 hrs then a few hours of 40%. I guess we’ll see