Going to be a fun few months

I’ll be shocked if the coaches of the youth team USA aren’t involved in this.
Lets wait to hear from the big announcers about all these diaper dandys. Bought and paid for.
Every one involved in this won’t sleep very good at night until this over. I wonder if Rick Pittino has another job lined up inside the federal pen. I guess he was shocked when he got sent packing out the door at Loserville!
Perry’s flip to Moo U isn’t a secret it’s out in the open.

So apparently closer inspection of the FBI documents released indicates that Arizona paid $15,000 for 2018 (allegedly Jahvon Quinerly) and that they offered $150,000 to another 2018 recruit (allegedly Nassir Little) and that Miami was supposedly bidding against Arizona for Little. So much for Sean Miller being an ‘elite recruiter’. Wonder if he survives this?

Ha ha, didn’t realize that was you

From the Tucson paper, speculation on several fronts, including the one you mentioned.

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://tucson.com/sports/greghansen/gre … eea79.html”>http://tucson.com/sports/greghansen/greg-hansen-what-happens-next-for-arizona-wildcats-it-s/article_bf47c932-ae9b-5825-bd06-ad888fbeea79.html</LINK_TEXT>