Going to be a fun few months

get your popcorn ready.


Wow. When will Kentucky be added to the list.

Maybe there’s more going on there than just Avery Johnson’s NBA background, huh?

Every school that has signed an out of state 5 star recruit could face an inquiry.

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.al.com/alabamabasketball/ind … r_res.html”>http://www.al.com/alabamabasketball/index.ssf/2017/09/alabama_basketball_staffer_res.html</LINK_TEXT>

Avery’s been killing it on the recruiting trail the past couple of years.

Hopefully they can find the dirt on Howland and MSU.

Kimberli Perry might be able to answer that. Or her kid will be ineligible.

Her reaction on twitter today tells me that something is not right with Perry decommit. She has even brought up Mike not making an in-home visit, which I understand Mike was going to make after the AAU season.

Yep. I was one of the people trolling her. She told me she’d pray for my soul. Or something.

She is unhinged. Today she mentioned that, slavery and the fact CMA couldn’t coach a half court offense. Far cry from these days:


It pretty sorry when a young kid can get an education for free and play a sport and you have parents and kids that want money.
I hope the kids involved in this end up ineligible to play.
There’s cheating in recruiting and on the court the officials cheat as well.
I don’t want Reggie Perry on the hill!

and we are supposed to be glad about the assistant college coaches facing time. like they the real criminals in America. this a bunch of bs

edit… this being the feds investigation so far… not meaning the comment I quote above

Actually those that are taking money to steer kids to certain money managers are real criminals in my book. I doubt that they are practicing full disclosure or that the kid’s interest is their highest priority.

“She is unhinged. Today she mentioned that, slavery and the fact CMA couldn’t coach a half court offense”

This mention of slavery, in another thread, was thought to have implied “playing at Arkansas without the funding her son can get playing somewhere else”. Ha! Playing for free is slavery for 4 and 5 star recruits?

Nobody forces them to play for free. There’s always Europe if they’re good enough. One year there then apply for the draft.

Or there’s always an Adidas school if they don’t like Europe :mrgreen:

I bet they’re going to find out that some of the Nike schools (we’re looking at you, Squid) are topping anything Louisville or Miami did or tried to do. Wouldn’t shock me if the tentacles extend to Tobacco Road either, at multiple points along NC Highway 54.

At this point, I’ll settle for Moo U if they did what most believe they did with a certain recruit.

Yeah, we can’t have any slavery in college basketball, can we?

If it reaches to Tobacco Road, well, maybe we’ll find out if some that money went to the men in stripes as well. :smiley: