Going on a very special vacation...

My wife Petra was adopted and in the last few months - after both of her adoptive parents had passed - went through Ancestry DNA and has found her biological parents, who were unwed and very young, and six siblings.

Her father - who is deceased - was a star college and NFL player in the 1960s and early 70s. He later went on to become a very successful head coach and athletic director at a powerhouse Texas high school.

Interestingly I interviewed him when Arkansas had recruits at his school so I talked to her father, but she never got the chance.

Her mom is still alive and five of the six siblings are still living and have been very welcoming. She is beyond happy about all of this.

We will be taking the next 10 days or so to visit with them at their various homes in New Mexico and Texas.

She was adopted by a family in Newport and was my first girlfriend in the fourth grade and my high school sweetheart.

We always said it took 1,000 things for us to get together. This was one of them.

We will end up the vacation in Frisco, Texas, where I will come back to work to cover Chandler Morris at the Nike Elite 11 Camp.

I went through this with my ex-wife, who had been looking for her biological parents the entire time I knew her. She knew what her pre-adoptive name was and that she was born in Little Rock, but was never able to get much further for many years. Finally, after we split up, she found her family. Her biological dad is deceased, but mom is still alive and she’s met her mom and several half-siblings. Happy that Petra found her family and I know the next few days will be a whirlwind for both of you.

Very happy for her. Talking to her dad is just incredible. Praying for great lasting relationships to come.

Very happy for both of you. This is incredible. I have heard so many incredible stories as a result of Ancestry DNA. You and Petra enjoy what is ahead.

that is fantastic! I know she is both anxious and excited! enjoy your trip and be safe!

That is a wonderful story Dudley. You and Petra have a wonderful vacation and visit with family.

This hits close to home.

I am adopted and my adoptive parents have passed

For years, I’ve tossed around the idea of looking for my biological parents

Have a great time, Dudley. What a blessed story

Awesome! I’m so happy for good days for friends!

Really happy for you.

Interesting story regarding Ancestry.com. A friend of mine in his 50’s submitted his DNA. Turns out he has 4 half brothers and sisters he did not know about.

His father had to confess to the family that he had many affairs during the marriage that no one, including his wife, knew about.

Have fun, and while in Frisco, check out Perry’s Steakhouse-great steak, great deserts, really a nice place.


Reading this brought tears of joy for your wife and your family. What an amazing and incredible story and pray that the days ahead are some incredible moments for all of you sir!

Aloha DD,
Awesome news. Incredibly excited for both of you. Be safe and congratulations for y’all!


This is soooo wonderful…

I’m sure this will be a special trip. A few months after getting my DNA results, I was contacted by a woman who said I matched to her as a first cousin. To make a long story short, it turns out that she is the biological daughter of my dad’s brother. She was adopted at birth. This last weekend we had a Walker cousin reunion in Shreveport where she met her half brother for the first time. It was a great weekend for all of us.

Really special Dudley. The older I get the more I appreciate stories like this. I turn 60 tomorrow and can’t think of a better thing to happen for somebody. You guys enjoy!