Going Into This Year With Low Expectations

I’m not expecting much better than 7-5 regular season. Too many questions at the skill positions on offense & the jury’s still out on the switch to the 3-4 defense.

I so want to get my hopes up, but I refuse to let myself go there. I’m not drinking the CBB koolaide until I see it proven on the field. He’s good at winning the press conferences, but I want to see more improvement on the field. I like our coach & certainly see he’s improved our roster & staff since arriving in Arkansas, but it’s time to see improvement on the field on Saturdays. A lot of things have to go our way this year that can stymie a good year–keep our QB & RB with experience healthy, Oline needs to improve a lot, and our D line/LBs need to play good SEC football.

Again, this isn’t to bash our coach. It’s more about not getting my hopes up too much until they prove it on the field.

I did it for years through the 60’s, 70’s, and the 80’s, when we had a lot of good years along with some that were not so good. So getting up for the coming season was not a bad thing. But things do change and they did with the departure of Ken Hatfield and the 80’s.

The 90’s came along and little has led to fan satisfaction since, if consistent winning was the goal.

BB has done a good job of improving the student and personal sides of the football program.

Good students, who one would likely welcome into their family.

But never enough of the top-flight players necessary in the SEC WEST.

HDN and Petrino both proved winning can happen at Arkansas, in the SEC.

I personally don’t think BB’s “slugging-it-out” offensive style will ever work long-tern at Arkansas because it requires exceptional talent and physicality in the offensive line. Further he can’t recruit well enough defensively to match up with the top four or five teams in the West. Or at least he hasn’t to this point.

I’ve read where some fans on the message boards don’t like seeing Razorback fans throwing shade on fan expectation. And that’s fine, but it’s fairly easy for me to stay grounded.