Going into the S. Carolina series, we have 21 games left . . .

According to Boyd, we need to win 9 of those games to host an NCAA regional; we need to win 12 to be in line to host a Super, should we win the Regional.

Just an FYI . . . obviously, we have our sights set higher. We need to get to at least 20 SEC wins to entertain realistic hopes of winning the SEC regular season title - so, that would be 12 wins just in conference. We also have 3 very challenging out of conference games remaining - all at home; 2 vs. Texas Tech, and one with Missouri State.


We’d sure put ourselves in a good position if we could sweep USC. That’s more than do-able, but hardly a given. Right now I just hope we can get all three games in. Doesn’t look to good from a weather standpoint.

They will play all three games, but a couple of seven-inning games Saturday might be needed.