Going into the Final Week

There are 4 teams that have a real shot at an SEC Championship. I think we have the toughest row to hoe, but I also thank this is the toughest team. I guess Auburn still has the inside track followed by TN, but we will see.

Actually the Auburn has the easiest path but the Hogs are next because the hogs control their own way just by winning out. The top 4 teams tonight are guaranteed a double bye.
Auburn plays Miss St and SC
Hogs play LSU and Tenn.
nothing else really matter in my eyes.
Win our 2 games and see how it goes for Auburn.
The hogs own the tie breaker on the top 4.

We do not control our own way.
Auburn has to lose. They still have a one game lead.

Exactly right. I think the best the hogs can do is a co-championship if they win out and Auburn loses again. More likely we end up with the Tennessee game deciding if we are anywhere from 2nd to 4th.

Win out. That’s all the hogs control.
I looked at the Net rating this morning the hogs moved up 1 spot. The Zags lost and didn’t move at all. Vandy moved up to Q-2.
I can’t believe the way that junk works it makes no sense.

If Auburn lost out we could win the solo title. Chances of that happening are slim but not zero. Moo U and SoCar are both mid-pack.

If Auburn losses out and we win out then I believe we would share the title with Kentucky. Tie breakers only come into effect for the seeding of the SEC tourney. Just record is used for the SEC overall champion. and while Auburn and Tennessee would both have lower records, I think Kentucky would have the same as us.

For us to have the solo title, Auburn must lose twice, Kentucky once more, and we must win out.

Kentucky goes to Florida Saturday. Stranger things have happened

Correct. Doesn’t that loss at home to Vandy and the road loss at Bama really sting right now. Oh course most years 14 conference wins would win the whole thing.

I looked back at recent seasons. In 2018, 13-5 won it (Auburn and Tennessee tied). In other years, though, it took at least 15 wins. Bama went 16-2 last year for instance.

That missed shot at the buzzer at Tuscaloosa stings as much as Vandy or A&M. I think we needed that December-January slump to get the players’ attention, but I wish it hadn’t lasted quite so long

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I agree. It kills me on one level that we lost the MSU, A&M and Vandy games (Vandy, Vandy at home? AHHHH!) but i am not sure we are where we are without that.

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No the losses to Vandy and Bama don’t matter near as much as the wins against Auburn Tennessee Kentucky. We just need to focus on one game at a time. LSU will not be an easy game and it will be an absolute bloodbath in Tennessee


WE beat LSU, and if we can keep J-Will and JD out of foul trouble, we beat TN. Then we move to 17 in the polls.

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