Going forward shooting outside the line

Have a feeling teams will start to play hogs out on perimeter to force tough shots since we don’t have a big to score. Good passing and screens will be key, feeling a long road in the sec with a rebound problem and scoring in the paint. hope I’m wrong.

Last Tuesday ,Arkansas showed how the pace and space offense works. The crisp passing enabled the Hogs numerous open looks and that enabled them to shoot a high percentage. Yes, I do think that there will be nights when our outside shooting will be off and that will cost them some games. I do suspect that Coach Muss will utilize pick and rolls, good screening to set up good mid range shots, and some dribble-drives to replace the open 3 point looks. I know that we will adapt to what defenses the opponents play. I fully expect that they will be a tough out in the NCAA tournament.

I expect that we will be part of a 4-5 team pack that chases Kentucky for the conference championship. I expect steady play as the team learns how to play Muss ball. I also expect that the Hogs will be a top tier team with strong performances in the tournament within 3 years. The Hogs will be back and tickets will be hard to find at BWA.